Exit at Your Optimum Value

At Cutwater Shift, we bring a global network of specialists to grow and exit your business at its optimum value...all while you remain in control of your business and your future.


Our assessments evaluate the current state of your business and within weeks we begin outlining the path to an optimal exit.  Our proprietary CIA Analysis™ coupled with our Salability Profile™, risk assessment, IT Security assessment and other pertinent analyses, provides for a very comprehensive evaluation of the current state of the business.


With a solid network of sector-focused investment banking, private equity and venture capital partners, coupled with our in-house licensed investment bankers, Cutwater orchestrates a seamless transaction at the optimum value. Our knowledge of where the acquiring entity's appetite exists for each sector is critical to designing the optimal transactions in a rapidly changing marketplace.


Cutwater, and its strategic partners excel in regulatory engagements.  Our partners include forensic auditors, fraud specialists, cyber-crime experts, IT Security specialists, restructuring teams and specialists in criminal and civil regulatory issues.  Our success in pioneering various industries in need of regulations is indicative of our diligent pursuit for the truth and a workable, sustainable industry moving forward.  Our solutions for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans are saving banks and CPAs significant time, money & precious resources.  


Cutwater has organizational psychology experts and sector-focused operations specialists to ensure the best operating initiatives are designed and implemented. Creating an acquisition-attractive company includes a seamless merger or acquisition. Our Merger Precision™ system is customized to the needs of the respective businesses.


With the volume of companies inside private equity and venture capital firms, it is hard to find the best strategic acquirer. Cutwater has indexed the majority of these funds and groups based on its proprietary sector-focused CIA Analysis™. This allows us to connect companies that fully complement each other heading into the future.